We show what we are
11 Oct 2017
We want to serve you more and better

SPJ Business Technology has a new online face! SPJ new website - modern, current and more dynamic. A tool to the customer service.

With the topic "we are HERE", here it comes, a new communication medium, with a new look. In addition to presenting the company, the team and projects, it will aims to be a tool for all customers.
By accessing www.spj.pt, the client will be able to request for technical assistance, directly on the site, in a simple and intuitive form which is automatically forwarded to the Service Department.
Also requests for business proposals or any information can be requested through this channel, in this case the user shall transmit the request directly to our sales department, witch will always be able and available to help.
We will keep the support tool for technical support and troubleshooting, when technical assistance is performed remotely.
Beyond the day-to-day support, this new channel will have a reserved area for all customers with loyalty contract; in this channel, they will have access to all manuals, legal information and matters of General knowledge, but also, that will be the place where each client has access to personalized information and documents for each company.
And because we want our customers and the general public always informed of all news of the market and updated with  solutions that facilitate the daily life of the company, we have regularly, actions of training, webinars and seminars with issues of interest about computer market in general, but also with special focus on the Opticwin tools. 
We want to be more and more active to better serve our customers.
D. Mkt & Com SPJ