We create with dedication

One of the key areas of the company is the development and creation of bespoke software. In 1999, the first software in the windows graphic environment for optical management was developed, being a pioneer and becoming, since then, one of the main players in this market.


The success of this solution is due not only to the mobilisation and attitude of the team involved in the creation and development of the software, who believed in the project and applied their know-how and training, but also to the relevant support and information sharing by the company's clients, an essential collaboration for the final result obtained.


Everyone’s commitment and the strong company-team-client relationship have boosted market confidence in Opticwin software, guaranteeing it a leading role and the status of credibility it holds to this day.


Opticwin - Optical Management Software is a complete and integrated solution that provides the necessary tools to manage and control the different areas of your optics.


Opticwin's success spread across borders, with presence in Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique and Morocco. At this moment, SPJ is involved in an expansion and internationalisation process, with the intention of entering into potentially attractive markets, namely Spain, Brazil and Chile.

  • OPTICWIN standard

    Opticwin is an integrated, complete optical management software.

    It allows all commercial management as well as agenda and prescription management.

    It complies with all legal and tax requirements and regulations, and is certified by AT, under Nº 0423.

    Easy to use and intuitive, this tool is the ideal partner, whether you have one or several stores.

    Lifetime/Store use licence

    Local database.

    Refer to the information area and learn more about your Optics management software.

  • OPTICWIN cloud

    All the Opticwin features, in a new concept.

    Integrated management solution with 24-hour access, 365 days/year.

    No initial investment.

    Monthly user licence, per user.

    External database housing.

    Automatic Backups.

    Ensures complete data security and confidentiality.

  • OPTICWIN sms

    Both versions of Opticwin can be completed with the Opticwin SMS module, an excellent marketing tool that will allow you to perform actions and communication campaigns via SMS, quickly and efficiently and with reduced costs.

    Send up to thousands of SMS in a few minutes.

    Promotional campaigns, announcements, birthday messages, reminders, all this will be simpler with this application.