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    The future of your business goes through our consulting services.


    The experience gained over the years, complemented by our on-going team training, has transformed us into an information technology specialist. Our global vision, technical skill and constant attention to technology trends allow us to outline strategies for implementing projects, in order to advise those who consult us with the best solution.


    We analyse the surrounding market and the objectives to be achieved, we draw conclusions and present efficient and optimal solutions, in order to capitalise the client's investment.


    Computer Consulting and Project Management:

    - Information and Communication Technologies Consulting;

    - Survey of system requirements, design and scaling;

    - Coordination of project implementation.


    Consulting for installation, configuration, training and technical support of the equipment and applications in its information systems:

    - Servers and storage solutions and business backup;

    - Terminal equipment such as workstations, PDAs, printers, etc;

    - Microsoft and GNU/Linux family operating systems;

    - Database Management Systems;

    - Groupware and personal productivity applications supported in Microsoft Office;

    - System (BackOffice and Office).


    Implementation and management of Communication Systems and Networks Consulting:

    - WAN communications, namely VPNs;

    - Security solutions, such as antivirus, antispam, antispyware and firewalls;

    - Network management, monitoring and remote management.


    Software development, always in on-going training and research.


    We develop customised software for the Optical sector, using certified technology, appropriate to the programme's function. We think of the best solution for our clients, we program the necessary change and adapt the basic characteristics of the solution according to the company’s particular specifications.


    Opticwin® - Optical Management Software

    Opticwin® CLOUD - Optical Management Software

    Opticwin® SMS - Messaging Software

    Vertical Management Software

    Customised software

    Show us your project and our team will be able to develop a solution tailored to your needs.


    Leave the threats outside. We guarantee the total security of your data and your equipment.


    Complete and secure protection for your business. Protect the data on your computers, shared folders, removable drives, and the cloud.


    SOPHOS Solutions

    - Network protection - Network security solutions including firewalls, Wi-Fi, VPN, web and e-mail protection. They give you complete control over the security issues you need, in one place.

    - End-user protection - From pda’s to smartphones, tablets and laptops, endpoint protection keeps users safe, without delays.

    - Server Protection - Sophos's most advanced technology, optimised for intensive use in demanding environments. High-tech security for your critical data.


    Good computer equipment increases the quality of your business.


    Regardless of the size of your company, we are able to form or restructure your computer systems.


    We combine our team’s know-how with our business partner’s experience, providing the ideal solutions and a suitable computer system for your company.

    - Computers and Servers

    - Printing Solutions

    - Video Surveillance Systems

    - Communications - equipment, voice, internet access and data networks


    We guarantee full support for the solutions and equipment provided by us. 


    A specialised team at your computer system’s service.


    Post-implementation or corrective technical support services are a decisive factor in the success of any implementation project.


    SPJ offers its clients a comprehensive network of technical, software, hardware, and network infrastructure and equipment support.


    PC, Mac and Linux support

    Implementation and maintenance of servers and networks




    Check out the support solution that best suits your structure. We have various types of software and/or equipment technical support to fit your company’s needs:

    Help Desk






    We study the best printing solution to optimise your day-to-day business.


    Although we are in the digital age, paper documents still remain prevalent in business activity.


    The vast experience acquired over the years in this area allows us to present the best printing solutions, adapted to the company’s needs, in order to favour cost reduction and increase the productivity of its structure.


    We help optimise your copy and print investment and deliver the most cost-effective solution for your business, whether you purchase equipment and office supplies or print programmes per page.


    Contact us and ask for a non-committal cost reduction analysis in this area.


    The image and communication of a company are essential factors in the growth of the business.


    With the arrival of the digital age, we see a change of attitude on the consumers’ behalf, in all markets.

    Aware of this revolution and driven by innovation and technological evolution, SPJ has expanded its area of expertise, adding a new element to its family - Expert Effective.


    Expert Effective is an expert in digital marketing, with strategy, creativity, design, technology, content, social media and promotion skills.


    It offers solutions and tools, adapted to each client’s objectives, enhancing your company’s communication in the digital world.



    Online stores


    SMS Campaigns

    Social media

    Corporate TV