Why we exist

An idea that paid off!


Founded in 1995, SPJ is born of its two creators’ dreams who, with persistence and determination, developed their project and transformed it into a successful company.


Over the years, this 100% Portuguese company invested in the continuous improvement of skills and quality of services, standing out in the Technology, IT and Communications sectors, nationally and internationally. With the most advanced technological means and being able to respond to the most demanding market challenges, SPJ aims to be the ideal partner, establishing trust relationships with customers and creating solutions tailored to each business.


For this, it has a team of qualified professionals with specific skills capable of empathically developing long-term relationships with its clients.


Trust, responsibility and ability were the principles that governed the founding of SPJ.


Increasing companies’ result and productivity through innovative technological solutions and providing high-quality support services, guaranteeing an excellent cost-benefit ratio for our customers is undoubtedly our mission.


We want to be a fundamental partner for the development of our customers' business, contributing to the growth of companies and ensuring the maximum effectiveness of their information systems.


We integrate each client’s objectives into our goals, so that we can achieve the best results together.